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Amazon presents Australian retailers with a fantastic, often untapped opportunity to quickly get their products in front of hundreds of millions of buyers in the UK, Europe, North America & Japan. However, the ferocious competition on the platform means that only the strongest retailers will succeed.

If you are the 30th retailer to start selling the product, the chances of being successful are slim to nil, unless you have a genuine cost advantage and can realistically undercut all 29 other retailers. For example, if a manufacturer forward integrates, a genuine cost advantage exists versus companies buying from that manufacturer. Manufacturers need to carefully consider the implications of disinter mediating their route to market however; the companies being disinter mediated may, for example, react by refusing to stock the products in offline stores. Those without a cost advantage on an existing product need to be selling a product that is unique to them so that a price war is avoided.

Who We Are

Save The Robots has deep roots in SEO having been founded as an SEO company over a decade ago. In that time, we have learned that SEO is a long term, ongoing process where results are earned – there are no shortcuts.Our approach is to achieve ranks for our clients by deserving them due to the diligence of our on-page work and the quality of the content that we are consistently producing.