Testing and Personalization

Having a beautiful website that ranks well in search engine results is a fundamental achievement, but it’s only half the battle.

In order to create loyal fans and clients, make sales, build a mailing list, or achieve any other (type of conversions), the user has to enjoy the process of navigating your site. The ultimate user experience (UX) strikes a balance between four important elements: design, technology, user needs and business goals. Aligning and integrating these elements leads to optimum goal conversions.

  1. Better understand your users’ needs
  2. Provide them with a personalized online experience
  3. Increase your goal conversions


Our Optimizely Personalization consultants can help you identify and target high-value audiences, under-performing segments, and new opportunities to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time along their customer journey.

Browsing behavior

Past purchase behavior

Customer specific needs

Demographic information


Conversion optimization (also known as “testing”) is a data-driven process leveraging digital analytics, persuasion architecture, and user feedback to:

Content Strategy

Information Architecture



Usability & Accessibility

User Interface

User Experience